The story

Three stories, examining what it means to live, rather than exist, set in the rural landscape of West Virginia.


The samaritan

LOGLINE      Two hunters must make a life altering decision when they witness a murder in the remote woods of West Virginia.

SHORT SYNOPSIS       Doug has been living alone in the remote woods of West Virginia as he deals with personal demons. When his brother-in-law and polar opposite, Ryan, comes to visit on his very first hunting trip, the two men witness a crime that forces them into a life-changing decision, forming a bond they would have never expected.

Father & son

LOGLINE      A young D.C. lobbyist returns to his hometown in rural West Virginia for what may be a final confrontation with his dying father.

SHORT SYNOPSIS       After months of avoiding the inevitable introduction with his father Grant, Mitch brings his new girlfriend home for a late Thanksgiving getaway. During the trip, Hannah learns that there is far more to Mitch’s unstable relationship with his father than he had told her. Through their mutual stubbornness, Hannah realizes that Mitch truly is his father’s son, when they fail to see eye to eye on Grant’s imminent passing.

the mayor

LOGLINE      Accompanied by a young student on Career Day, the Mayor of a small West Virginia town goes about his usual duties and discovers elements of potential corruption.

SHORT SYNOPSIS      In a small town, Joe is the mayor, handyman, snow-plower, and even Sheriff. Leah, an elementary school student, chooses to follow Joe as her subject for Career Day. When they embark on an ordinary day, Joe deals with the every day issues of a West Virginia mining town while Leah tries to learn as much as she can for her report.  At day's end, Joe discovers trouble that not only affects the town but himself.